Android RPG Video games

8 Jan

The android industry offers all types of video games including android RPG games. They are the types of video games that the player assumes the function of a selected character inside the game. As an illustration, if it is actually an army warring kind of game, the player may choose the character of a sniper, the commander etc. Part playing games have been in the market for really many years. Starting with this kind of games like the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Warrior and much more. They’re one of the most popular kinds of video games because the players can decide on diverse roles at distinct occasions to try and see how they fair in every role. There are several android RPG games that happen to be really highly favored by a lot of players.

One of several most downloaded games that is in this category on the android RPG games may be the Battleheart Game, that consists of the player taking a part to play in a battle that utilizes quite simple controls to move around and get into the action. It isn’t a really complex game hence really simple to engage in and is also quite cost-effective with in android market place costing much less than $3.00. The game has nice graphics and has a really good cost.

One more game that is certainly well ranked at the top of a player’s list within the android marketplace for the category of rpg video games is Samurai II: vengeance THD. It truly is an engrossing, difficult game that demands one to battle for survival in order to get to the next stage. It truly is so intense and involving with a fantastic graphic arrangement too sound co-ordination with each other with a pretty good mix of camera positioning. It is actually effectively priced inside the android RPG games at $2.99, and has attracted many downloads from all corners within the planet.

Other top rated ranked games in the android RPG games contain Gurk II, Zenonia three, Crusade of Destiny, Pocket Legends, Emross War, Star traders RPG amongst other people. These games are typically some of your most desired role playing video games in the android market place which definitely rank right with in the uppermost part of your list. It is not to say that the ones not talked about listed here are any worse, but these have received amazing ratings as well as a substantial frequency of downloads across the globe. It is actually due to this that these are featured in this review and players encourage other people to try out them out in an effort to give their very own feedback.

It can be also very good to note that the RPG games are each readily available in premium and free versions. All you are required to undertake is to visit the android industry and Google search for free RPG video games. From this you might get a lengthy list from which to pick from; the listing may well incorporate some premium video games. In any situation, the premium video games provide far better graphics, much more levels and many more problems than the absolutely free versions typically intended to be employed as samples before you get to the actual thing.

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The Best Android Games 2011

8 Jan

Two-thousand and eleven really marked fantastic achievements for android app games. Application based online games have most certainly been accessed, downloaded and played by so many in the year 2011 that all those that didn’t have access to the android market were left behind. Even though it is tricky to truly identify the the most preferred game because people like different things, this has been achieved by researching the games and collecting the statistical ratings that were actually utilized to establish the highest ranked mobile application according to the varied selection specifications.

Perhaps the best android games 2011 is actually the Grand Prix Story, a game about car racing that is very enjoyable to play with multi-colored surroundings that draw out the great mix of class, style and art. The capability to download the mobile application game by means of the android market is just as straight forward and uncomplicated and really doesn’t require a lot of memory from your mobile phone. It brings the art of team management and the expertise to figure out the best enhancements to add to the car along with great co-ordination into play; all to make sure that the car crosses the finish line at the winning moment.

One other game named “Apparatus” has also attracted a lot of attention. Remember that name in chemistry or the other science subjects back in high school? Well maybe you do or maybe you don’t. This game is definitely one of the premier android games 2011 that was produced but; it is in no way related to the science subject apparatus… At this point it is necessary for the player to utilize a variety of materials that are available to construct an apparatus that is then used to manuver a ball to a specific area which is the goal. The item you create is only limited by your imagination.

Another game that is featured in the best android games 2011 is “World Cruise Story”,, one other type of team management game involving players who move from port to port. This game was produced by Kairosoft and is one of the most entertaining games of 2011 resulting in players asking for more. Being classified as one of the best games of 2011 is not a mistake. Greedy Spiders is another game that belongs to the greatest Android games 2011; a hunting game where the hungry spider has to hunt for the meal in form of flies.

Last but not the least, is “Carcassonne”, which may cause you to wonder exactly what it is about. It is a board game that is only available in iOS. Introducing Carcassonne to android has made some people question whether they should choose the android game that emerged as one of the most popular android games 2011 or the iOS version.

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Multiplayer Android Games

8 Jan
You will find numerous varieties of games in the world of app gaming and these are obtainable for a variety of operating systems such as the android application. These games are divided into two primary categories within the android marketplace; namely: single player and multiplayer android games. Even though most of the individuals, specifically those which might be not quite familiar using the games, will select the single player mode in the majority of games. Some are basically considering the far more challenging multiplayer versions. Multiplayer games let players to compete with different folks either from all over the universe or perhaps among a particular area based on the mode of participation and connectivity.

You’ll find different methods in which gamers are capable of playing a multi player game. The most common and most utilized within the multiplayer games is by using the internet otherwise recognized as the online based games. Here the players will be able to connect by way of their devices through the internet and challenge each other for several trophies and prizes. The other way is through Bluetooth, which can be normally employed when the players are within particular proximity in distance. Occasionally the players may perhaps decide on playing inside a single space whereby they are connected through cable.

Though there are many varieties of multiplayer games; the android based multiplayer games come in either premium or free of charge versions. Nevertheless, in most circumstances, the free versions will either permit players to play up to a particular level upon which they may perhaps be asked to pay for the premium version to continue up to the very next levels. The multiplayer android games let those willing to test the absolutely free version ahead of buying the complete version to do so and hence have a a feel of what they really need to acquire to challenge each other far more and take pleasure in playing the game.

Multiplayer android games are also classified in the type of ratings whereby, some are rated significantly greater than the other multiplayer games according to the satisfaction garnered by the players upon playing the game. The ratings may differ from one game to another with different comments from the evaluations created by the people. In most cases, these multiplayer games get the fairest of the ratings given that usually the players compete against actual players and not the personal computer this time through; in contrast to single player games that occasionally may attract unfair ratings possibly assuming that perhaps the pc picked the favorite automobile and won a specific competition unfairly.

Last but not least it could be substantially improved to highlight many of the best multiplayer games readily available in the android market place. These include things like games like project INF, which happens to be a shooting game; reckless racing and ranging thunder (3D) each of which happen to be racing games as well as “What the Doodle Lite” that is a Pictionary game that requires drawing a picture of words given to you by a further contestant. A further thrilling one and however accessible for download totally free of charge is “HomeRun Battle 3D free”. It ranks right up there amongst the best most multiplayer android games for racing category.

Best Free Android Games

1 Jan

The popularity for the Android platform has improved in addition to the total amount of Android software, which includes Android video games for free. However, there are quite a few video games that claim to be amongst the best totally free android video games within the android market place. There’s a lot of junk within the/on the net that promises a lot only to provide too little albeit at no cost. But regardless of whether or not an app game is listed as totally free or not, it must be able to collect a respectable amount of ratings from those who download it. However, this has not been the case and only a select few games have gathered a five star rating with others receiving in between three.5 to four.five star rating; all this can be thought to be as good rating. Unfortunately others have gotten even below a two out of five star rating.

A single of the very most normal members of the best absolutely free android video games has been the “angry birds” app game. This has long been an iOS game for any while and moved to Android in the resent past earning a sum of above two million downloads inside a week} of entry. This exhibits specifically why it maintains the leading spot even at this second.

While you may be wondering no matter whether there are actually other video games which have attracted such substantial downloads within the android market place, most certainly the response is yes. One more of the most dominant candidates within the leading absolutely free video games has been “Bebbled” a puzzle like shuffling game that is definitely well suited for the mind boggling activity. It goes for as as much as 20 British pounds on Nintendo. It truly is hence no wonder it has emerged over when since the 2nd greatest no cost android game in the android market.

Another puzzle primarily based shuffling game which has attracted various downloads with an common high rating could be the “Red Stone” app game from the Android market place. This really is a game that entails shuffling of squares and it is extremely difficult for the mind at occasions hence incredibly great for sharpening ones cognitive faculties. It has appeared amongst the leading absolutely free android games for a while now and genuinely deserves to be there given the feedback and critiques from the people who have downloaded it. It is a superb totally free game that is certainly incredibly difficult and but uncomplicated. It does not need lots of memory to run with your Android cellphone or flash player.

Ultimately, when there are numerous other folks that element as several of the top rated totally free games; it can certainly demand lots additional time to suit your needs browse through all of them. There are lots of internet sites listing them all by with brief descriptions. All you must do is get an Online connection and use a search engine to browse a few.

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How to setup a Minecraft Server

1 Jan

The procedure of producing a Minecraft server is differnet from one O.S. to yet another O.S.. The procedure in windows differs considerably than one used in UNIX and other OSs. Now you are taking a look at the procedure used in windows. Even though building a server is simply not impossible, it does take a little of technical skills. With a few very simple steps and also you will likely be on your way. Very well, first and foremost, because the the game of minecraft employs java, be sure the machine has the most current version of java set up on it. Typically should you had an older version set up, it would provide you with an error message that may force you to uninstall and install the newest version of java. To do the following step you’ll have to utilize the CMD window otherwise generally known as the command prompt window.

The subsequent step from there would be to download the version of Minecraft you need to configure for the machine. Initial you can find two versions in this scenario, the Minecraft server exe edition along with the Minecraft jar release. With the scenario from the exe release, you will be required to pick and open the hyperlink of your file you downloaded, from there the server will commence the default configuration. In several scenarios, may well display messages indicating some failure in locating the files, which can be commonly normal as at this time, the file ares getting produced, so no need to panic. For anyone who is really eager to learn how to create a Minecraft server, then note the following; you need to open up a notepad from which you may develop a text document completely unformatted. Bear in mind, the kind of java that you are running has to be in tandem using the windows OS style of the machine that you are working with. For example if 32 bit, then OS must be also 32 bit and so on.

Subsequently, you need to copy paste this into a single line inside your notepad text page; that’s as enclosed with double quotations. “C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe” -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar Minecraft_Server.exe ”

The meaning of (“C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe”) is because it marks the location from the most present release of javaw.exe file. In case jave updates on the technique to another more recent release, then you may also be needed to update the notepad file at the same time. If for any purpose you stored your java file in a distinctive location, then you may be directed to copy and paste that hyperlink specifically as it exists is on the file address bar. The following element (-Xmx2048M -Xms2048M) indicates the location of the RAM in megabytes MB. The default memory for Ram in most machines is about 256 MB, having said that, this can easily be upgraded to even eight GB. You really must note this if you would like comprehend how to make a Minecraft server successfully.

Lastly in figuring out how to make a Minecraft server in exe format is definitely the renaming of your file name. It truly is very good to note that you just can easily modify it to a different name irrespective of irrespective of whether you use some caps or not. Having said that, be keen to retain the format used that’s Minecraft_Server.exe

The other release is definitely the jar format; supposing you happen to have this release, then you’ll have to create a path variable for java so as to start out this release in the server. Bear in mind initially to confirm the newest release of java and install it accordingly. This can be also necessary in setting up a Minecraft server utilizing the jar release. You’ll be needed to copy and paste this while in note pad, that’s; java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar. It truly is much better to preserve the file as start server.bat indicating that this is a batch file. Then you may pick the hyperlink and open it to get Minecraft running.

There’s also an additional issue you need to know whenever you are trying to comprehend how to make a Minecraft server without having altering your system path. This may just be performed by expressing the java variable path in ?commence.bat? file or it could be any other kind of name you have got given it followed by the ?.bat?. This can be pretty fancy because it will allow you to operate together with the command prompt without having to keep on editing the program path.

The subsequent detail you will need to complete would be to add the command @echo off; this will likely prevent the command window from opening and displaying the output in the file we started off with. Following this will likely be ensuring that the program will be ready to search out the java alias Java runtime environment or JRE, which may be attained by adding the text to the path’s variable on an current window Computer java will probably be located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe”, so what you’d probably then compose is
path=%PATH%;%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe ” as enclosed by the double quotations.

The %PATH% is the current location of all path values while %ProgramFiles(x86)% is the location of all of the present 32 bit or 64 bit program files dependent on the kind of OS you happen to be utilizing. This in most cases is usually the “C:\Program Files (x86)” otherwise commonly referred to as system files. Last but not least guarantee that the very last line is the line that’s set to start the server, that is definitely; java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar

This review provides the fundamentals of producing a Minecraft server and maybe will be valuable for the newbie in tech, who wants to have his or her own Minecraft server for many good reasons. For people with other types of OS for example UNIX, LINUX or perhaps Oracle and Mac, the requirements will vary accordingly as this covers only Windows exe and jar versions.

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How to Play Minecraft

1 Jan

Minecraft is among the most wanted games inside the world of web and laptop gaming. Quite a few players venture into playing minecraft with some doing it for free whilst others do it for cash. It can be even so critical to make sure which you know how to play minecraft before committing any of the cash into the game. Usually speaking, minecraft is actually a form of artistic adventure game that guides an individual toward developing numerous items and structures by way of applying excavation to get the required items by applying the appropriate tool for the appropriate objective. It takes 20 minutes in total with 10 minutes of daytime although 1.5 minutes are allocated for every sunrise and sunset. The remaining seven minutes are set for night that is characterized by spawning on the surface by hostile mobs.

Just before we get to know how to play minecraft, it can be of terrific significance that we know exactly what keys to use when we want to do a thing; whether it can be moving around or scooping some coal. So then for moving around front back and sideways; W, A, S, and D are used, the space bar is utilized for jumping, although if you would like to Sneak/Crouch it can be advisable you hold shift to stay away from falling from the ledge. If you would like to check your inventory status, then letter E comes into use. Whilst selecting an item from the inventory hot bar, the quantity keys are applied; that is definitely one through nine.

The game is constructed on a scenario where one enters a brand new world. It can be expected that the very first thing to locate will be a source of shelter. In this case, however, there are no hotels around; the player (the new resident) is expected to create this from scratch. This can be completed by applying the crafting tools which he will have to uncover in order to mine sources for other supplies. In this case discovering trees and crafting tools will be the players 1st step.

In the occasion you just happen to locate a couple of trees, you should use your fist to punch them after which collect the fallen pieces of wood. From this you might be needed to harvest the resources which will be achieved by holding down the mouse button on the point that the cracks inside the block lead as much as it’s breakage. These are many of the vital initial stages in mastering how to play minecraft. Following the breakage from the block, then you may walk close to it so that you can location it to the inventory. You’ll call for no less than 10 pieces of wood, so unless you already have 10 pieces at your inventory, you’ve got to preserve on punching the trees. It’s also critical to note that in a multiplayer server, blocks of 33 X33 radius from the spawning point can’t be harvested or mined.

Assuming now you have got adequate wood, the next step in comprehending how to play minecraft is discovering a suitable location to create your shelter for the very first evening. Don’t forget that night one structure is only meant to become a basic covering fantastic adequate to protect you from the monsters. Most players would go for the high locations inside the mountains although any other location will be ok. Followed by this will now be the process of converting the woods to planks. Pressing E enables you to open the inventory and hence the ability to determine the two by two crafting grid to the extreme correct of the character. One piece of wood is converted into 4 wooden planks by placing it into the crafting squares. You will need a total of 24 wooden planks to become profitable inside the process of developing crafting tables. These tables are paramount to developing most tools and items and must be kept in an quickly accessible location.

Completing the table enables you to open a thirty three by thirty three crafting grid by right clicking on it; this will be extremely similar to the grid inside the inventory. Considering that sticks will be required in developing the tools, you’ll need to locate two wooden planks on the grid on top of each other to come up with 12 sticks from 6 wooden planks. These will help in ultimately mastering how to play minecraft.

Soon after this you might be ready to create your 1st tools, being, a pickaxe, an axe, a shovel and also a sword. Then you may now start out developing your shelter/structure because you have got everything. Supposing you have to change the location of the structure, all you have to do is punch the table applying your fist so that you can pick it up. The wooden shovel is necessary for gathering dirt to create speedy walls; in case of stone, then the pickaxe will be used in coming up having a much more durable wall. Your shelter has to only be fantastic adequate to cover you until the very next day, so it’s not essential that it be significant.

The ultimate and final step in understanding how to play minecraft is always to attempt and discover how to keep yourself warm during the cold night. You’ll need to locate some cobblestone for making a furnace; your wood shovel will once again your shovel will be called into play if no stone is visible. You’ll only dig a few layers of some grass and dirt after which you begin noticing some. Having located the stone, your wood pickaxe will be applied to gather 20 cobble blocks. These will be adequate to lock yourself in for the whole night. In this case you might go back to the table proceed on with developing the furnace. A cobble stone is usually to be placed in every corner from the outermost crafting squares with only the central square to become spared. The furnace is then to become placed close to the crafting table in the most handy location.

From the furnace, torches can be made for overnight lighting. The steps are to open the furnace after which location the wooden plank in the bottom most square having a couple of blocks of wood on the very top square to come up with some charcoal. The initial piece will be valuable in keeping the furnace lit although continuing to convert the wood blocks into charcoal. You might need 5 pieces of charcoal so preserve converting until you obtained this number. You may then use the charcoal and the surplus sticks to produce torches; this really is completed by stacking the charcoal on the sticks. A piece of charcoal and one stick will make 4 torches; this will be placed inside the shelter to supply lighting. This typically is what you have to know inside the fundamentals of how to play minecraft in particular during the very first night.

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Why You Should Level a Rogue

1 Jan

– By: Jonas Collier

Rogues can be a really entertaining class to level while playing WoW. Stems and poisons will assist you in killing with greater effectiveness and the capability to stealth expedites the quests that nearly all characters would need to slaughter their way through. Combining this with a strong leveling spec will cause you to be a killing machine that is capable of escaping all bad situations that you encounter.

You and Stealth

Stealth is the key ability of the rogue. It allows you to walk around practically invisible which allows you to practically pick and choose your battles. If you use this skill properly it will make leveling a lot easier.

While stealth does not make you truly invisible you will stay safe if there aren’t any mobs close to you with stealth detection or are at a higher level than you. You will not be able to walk in front of the mobs though because everything is skilled in detecting stealth that is right in front of them. If you can avoid these situations, then you can avoid any fights that are not necessary.

Importance of Poisons

One other feature which a rogue has that is unique is its capability to use poisons on weapons. A couple of different poisons are available to a rogue, though you will likely choose between two for leveling.

Instant poison will add a solid amount of damage with each strike. Every swing might not proc but it will kick in enough to cause damage that is increased significantly.

Instead of instant damage Deadly poison puts a DoT to the creature. For the majority of mobs you will level on deadly poison is a bad choice, however this poison definitely shines when battling elite mobs in a dungeon.

Regardless of what poison you use, it is important to keep Slice and Dice active at all times. This speeds up your attacks but costs combo points which lets poisons hit more frequently. Contingent on your talent spec you may have the capabilities to refresh SnD with Eviscerate letting you cause more damage too.

Unlike most other classes, the talent tree you choose is more related to the weaponry you wish to equip. You will use daggers with the assassination tree where your enemies will be assassinated by using skills such as Mutilate, where as swords along with one handed weapons lend themselves well to the combat tree. The subtlety tree is appropriate for use with extended stealth and works quite well with groups in Player vs. Player.

Once you hit level 40 you will be able to purchase the dual spec ability which allows you to switch between talent specs with ease. This will allow you to swap how you play depending on your needs. This is important as you may simply end up with some great axes or swords that would be silly pass up. This increases how much flexibility you have and will more than likely create a leveling process that is much more enjoyable.

Minecraft Cheats

31 Dec

The majority of people yearn to participate in playing Minecraft. But, not every person can download it because of the cost. This has been the reason why many have not been able to download the game for reasonable period of time now. There will not be any more issues with this on account of today you now only need an internet connection. This is because I am going to show you how to download Minecraft for free. But this doesn’t mean you can download Minecraft for free forever, although it may be possible. But I must say that in as much as I am going to tell you how to do it, the greatest step to take would be to obtain a trial version of Minecraft before you purchase it.

In order to do this you have to bring up a Google search and enter the terms, download minecraft for free or free minecraft download. Using these keywords will supply you with some website links where you can go to download the Minecraft game trial version. The trial version lasts for 30 days and then you will be required to buy the game to continue playing and failure to purchase it will have the consequence that you you will not be able to play the downloaded game anymore at your current Internet protocol address (I.P) address. It may seem like there really isn’t anything that is free but hey, you did get to play Minecraft for thirty days so you know if you want to keep playing the game or not. This will assist you in deciding if you want to buy the game or not. On another note if you have access to a VPN connection already, you could simply change your IP address manually and reinstall the game.

However, if you find that you did not have enough and still want some more for free, then you will have to use a different I.P address as well as different personal details. This means you would have to get another machine or even trade with one of your friends and this may end up costing more than to simply buy the game. Nevertheless, it is important to also note that after downloading, the game for free, you will be required to install it. It is vital that the most current version of java is installed on your computer so you can successfully run the game. Otherwise, there will be several error messages bouncing back at every attempt of installing the game.

Last but not least, you might want to know exactly where you can download Minecraft for free. As I discussed earlier, by doing a Google search with the right keywords will supply you with a pretty good size list of links to numerous sites. A number of the sites will only discuss how to download Minecraft, but, there will be a few sites that will provide you with the download links and mirrors for every different version. It is pretty obvious that people will want to download the most current version. There are a number of sites which include; softonicdownload, cnet, among others.

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How to Download Minecraft for Free

31 Dec

Many people would like to challenge themselves by playing this adventuresome game. Yet, not each and every person can access it as a result of the price of downloading it. This is why so many people were not able to download Minecraft for quite some time now. There will not be any more issues with this on account of today you now only need an internet connection. This is because I am going to show you how to download Minecraft for free. But this doesn’t mean you can download Minecraft for free forever, though it could be possibly done. Even though I will be telling you how you can do it, your best bet would be to download a trial version of the game prior to buying it.

In order to do this you have to bring up a Google search and enter the terms, download minecraft for free or free minecraft download. These two keywords will provide you with a bunch of links to websites where you will be able to download a trial version for the game of Minecraft. The trial version lasts for 30 days and then you will be required to buy the game to continue playing and if you fail to buy it, you won’t have the ability to play Minecraft any longer at the present internet protocol address (I.P.). You may be thinking that nothing is really free but hey, you did get to play Minecraft for thirty days so you know if you want to keep playing the game or not. This will assist you in deciding if you want to buy the game or not. On the other hand if it is possible for you to access a VPN connection, you may want to change the internet protocol address manually and install the game again.

You might feel you want to continue to play some more Minecraft for free, but in order to do so you will need other personal details along with another IP address. You could do this by obtaining another computer or maybe trading with a friend of yours and this may end up costing more than to simply buy the game. Nevertheless, it is important to also note that after downloading, the game for free, you will be required to install it. It is important that the latest java version is installed on the machine so you will be able to successfully run the game. Or else you will receive a number of error messages each time you try to install the game.

Finally you would probably be wondering exactly where the minecraft game can be downloaded for free. As I mentioned earlier, searching the relevant keywords in Google will give you a very long list of links to various sites. A number of the sites will only discuss how to download Minecraft, but, there are a couple of sites that give you the download links and mirrors for different versions. It is pretty obvious that people will want to download the most current version. A couples of these sites are; softonicdownload, cnet, among others.

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Tips To Help You Manage Your Mage in PvP

23 Dec

By: Jonas Collier

The mage is one of the most excellent Player versus Player classes in the game of WoW for different reasons. There are players that will inform you it is due to the capability to lay down some nasty AoE when it is necessary. Other WoW players will carry on about the massive amounts of control they have. There is one thing for certain, a skilled mage is represents a constant threat.

The very first task you need to learn as a Player versus Player mage is your skill to rule combat. It is a good idea to figure out what you want to accomplish prior to stepping into battle. One on one you can hold your own against nearly any class, but it only takes one error for the majority of your enemies to conquer you.

The area where mages mainly have control include their many skills to widen the distance. A number of the classes use snares or roots to keep their enemies stuck in place or slowed down. Mages have the power to blink their way out of such situations letting them end up where they prefer, at range. Because of this Blink will be one of the skills you use the most, allowing you to save your trinket for when it is really needed, thus letting you save your trinket for a time when you really need it.

There may be other tools available to aid you in escaping. Using spells like Dragon’s Breath, Frost Nova, and Cone of Cold will let you stun or root challenger. Blink should be saved any time its possible after a foe applies a moderate or major cooldown in order to narrow the gap. You want to make sure that you don’t end right back in trouble after escaping.

The primary PvP spec for a mage is Frost simply due to the added control. Using frost decreases your Frost Nova cooldown, get a sheild that can freeze those close at hand, gives you a pet with another freeze, and will let you reset the frost spell cooldowns. The combination of abilities make this both a highly survivable spec as well as being able to dish out the damage when needed.

The capability to damage occurs mainly by using Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze surrounds a frozen target within an ice block for less than one minute. This lets spells create more damage while increasing the critical chance. If you combine this with Fingers of Frost you will be able to a lot of damage in no time at all.

A mage becomes a dangerous target if a mage has both control and the possibility of high spike damage. Having the skills to utilize spells such as polymorph to reset the battle, or utilizing Evocate to heal provides us with an additional edge. A player becomes an evil threat once they master all of the tools a mage can offer.