Things You Need to Know to Level a Hunter in WoW

23 Dec

By: Jonas Collier

Leveling a hunter in World of Warcraft can be very fun. Hunters enjoy a large array of skills to make it easy to solo, and possessing a pet permits you to get out of conditions that wipe out some other classes. Training to be a hunter does take a bit of time and practice, but if you are able to become a skilled hunter you will become a valued member of any group. Before that can happen you need to know how to level one quickly.

Choice of Pet

Picking a pet may be one of the most challenging things a leveling hunter needs to do. You need a pet that can keep aggro off of you, but you also want it to be able to do some serious damage. You should keep these ideas in mind when making choices.

Raptors, Cats, and Ravagers

Cats, Raptors, or Ravagers are some of the best overall pet choices for World of Warcraft. Being Ferocity pets, they do solid amounts of damage and in doing so can keep a mob’s attention quite well. These pets are generally also decent choices for PvP play if you decide to chose to level in the battlegrounds.

You might determine a wolf, boar, or some other choice would be better. A lot of these tanks will be fine for tanking, you need to remember that they have an unique set of capabilities also.

Leveling Spec

For most hunters there is only one choice and that is Beast Mastery. The BM Spec as a rule assists buffing your pets and provides tremendous supporting skills. The talent tree ends with an ability that allows you to tame some more exotic pets, just like the devilsaurs.

Bestial Wrath and Spirit Link are important skills to use for soloing. These talents will aid you in regenerating health and helping you to conquer things a lot quicker.

You shouldn’t neglect the group abilities like Ferocious Inspiration. These abilities will give your party a buff which will speed up your instance runs considerably.

Trap and Pet Management

Being able to control your pets and traps is what separates a bad hunter from the good ones. A player should master both of these features so they are more desirable. There are many hunters who are not played well in WoW. Being able to do these things will make yourself stand out from the crowd.

There is much more to this class, but this is a great place to start. If you have the suitable pet and leveling spec it will be quite simple to level and being able to properly manage your pets and traps will make you more attractive to groups. Putting these things together will make you a leveling beast.

How to Conquer a Resto Druid

23 Dec

By: Jonas Collier

As much as a well played druid stands out from the others, a resto druid cannot be replaced. The resto druids have exclusive capabilities that enables a group of players to stay alive but additionally, it allows them to survive even the worst training. Killing a resto druid is no easy feat, but with any luck these tips will make the task that much easier.

A resto druid does not pose much of a threat when facing him one on one. It will be hard to kill him, but you should be able to complete this task. The concern a player will have with a druid is their Rejuvenation is fast cast, and they are able to step instantly into travel form allowing them a quick escape.

A skilled druid will be able to limit your capabilities to do a lot of damage to him, during which time he will be easily keeping his teammates alive. They accomplish this by mixing breaking line of sight, shape shifting, and doing some cc using cyclone and roots. It is difficult to keep them crowd controlled because of this, so in most cases you are going to be dealing the healer the whole fight.

Some people combat this survival by making sure to train the druid first. This strategy will rely heavily on burst damage and forcing the druid to stay in one spot. If the druid can move and shape shift, he increases his survival odds. You should take note that while all this is going on the druids team is also battling you in any way in order to reduce your effects.

If a player is a mage, a polymorph can force a druid to waste their trinket. It is not something to count on as the druid is likely going to be watching your every move and will immediately cyclone or shift you to prevent you from landing it.

Warlocks have to lookout for a shapeshift into tree form. Once they make that change you should banish them. This will prevent them from playing long enough so another person can be handled. It should be noted that this is another potential spot to get them to use their trinket . Eliminating the trinket is critical for any battle.

Another smart option is to train one of his partners. It does help to do what you can to cc the druid, but you will more than likely have success killing the teammate than the druid. This will free up the druid for some easy cyclones, so ensure that your focus target is set for him and make sure to be prepared for any ranged interrupts.

Sometimes the easiest way to handle a resto druid is to simply take out his friends. They are not a big threat alone as healers, but their presence can make a good team even better.

Ways to Profit By Making a Pile of Gold

23 Dec

By: Jonas Collier

Earning gold in the game of WoW can be hard for some players, and yet comes easy for others. Most people resort to endless hours of farming to make their gold, while others will learn to manipulate the auction house.

A few of the WoW classes set up a service based system to make gold. Tanks and healers are always in short supply and make great candidates for it, saying that you can do your job well. Additional classes make other services available that are needed by other players for separate reasons.

Tanks and healers get off easy in this regard. Quite a few people want to be able to run instances, yet they do not have the time to wait for a group using the random dungon timer. Because of this fact a huge market has opened up for such classes because they don’t endure extended queue times that DPS classes face. On most battle groups, tanks are able to get into a dungeon group instantly, causing the tanks to be highly sought after when a battle group needs this service. Healers tend to have to wait a few minutes, but it is a far cry from what the DPS has to deal with.

Changes are being made to force you to in fact have to run the instance so the DPS can sell you the queue in order for you to stay in the run. In the past a player could merely queue and then drop the group causing the group to sit and wait for a tank to come along. Abandoning the group will now cause anyone that your character queued with to be kicked out of the instance and you will have to stay to get the money you need. As long as you have the skill and gear to handle the instance, this should not be too bad of a problem. Of course your group make-up will have a lot to do with the difficulty.

Mages are blessed in this area as well simply because of the ability to create portals. Based on what day and time it is and the number of players requiring a port, it really is very conceivable to harvest hundreds of gold per hour selling the portals. When it peaked, a mage was usually offered between 50 and 100 gold to leave Dalaran via a port. Since then things have settled down and the game went back to focusing on the primary continents of Azeroth and the market stabilization. The best part about this is that it allows you to work other methods, like using the auction house, during the exact same time.

With confidence you can use the tips and tricks in this article to become a better World of Warcraft player by mastering your gold making capabilites. You may not want to utilize these as your main form of income, but you can use them to supplement it. I really enjoy playing my DK and selling my tanks services even though I was running an instance anyway. I earn gold doing what I was already going to do. If you study this information further, you will probably find there are other tips you can use to earn some additional easy income.

Necessary Addons To Aid in Making Gold

23 Dec

By: Jonas Collier

Earning gold in World of Warcraft may be quite hard. There are many ways to succeed in doing this from crafting, to farming, and even by offering services. Trying to track a lot of this stuff on your own can be rough. Fortunately for WoW players a few addons exist that help our gold earning activies to be simpler. This article talks about a couple of useful tips that every player should know.

The Gatherer Addon

The addon used for gathering keeps track of any of the gathering based nodes that are located while you are traveling on your way. It puts icons on both your world map and your mini map that permits the nodes to be located a lot easier.

This lets a player discover an acceptable farming path quicker and easier . You can start with published notes on the gathering routes and branch out from there. With time you will be able to find the path that you prefer.

This addone has one excellent benefit. If any of your guild mates have it installed they will be able to share notes with you. You will receive notification when your guild mates find a node if you and your guild mates are online at the same time. This can save you headaches in the long term if you are unsure of the nodes in a zone.

The Auctioneer Addon

A player truly needs this addon in order to maximize their auction house returns. It permits you to scan the auction house to obtain information on specific items so you will know which how much to sell them for. This program can be very useful even if you are not playing the Auction House.

It should also be noted that the Auctioneer addon will work with a couple of additional addons which will maximize your gold making capabilities further.

Enchantrix and Lilsparky’s Workshop

These are profession based addons that will help you find profitable items to make.

Enchantrix is specific to enchanters in that it will compare the value of the item to the expected return in disenchanted materials. This works by pulling data from Auctioneer, and is packaged with normally.

Lilsparky’s Workshop provides how much it costs to make an item by way of the profession window which lets you easily decide if the item can be made for profit. This also pulls data from Auctioneer.

NPC Scan

This aids you in pinpointing where the pesky rare mobs keep their valuable loot. The mobs may be difficult for you to locate by yourself, and might blend right into the environment making your job even harder. It will sound an alarm when one is around, and then a picture showing the mob pops up making it easy to locate. It does not automatically target it for you, however, so you need to move fast to ensure you get the kill.

Many other addons are available that will aid in earning gold. The ones discussed are great places to begin with. I am certain you’ll find these addons will aid you in hitting the gold cap faster.

WoW Conquest Review

23 Dec

By: Jonas Collier

The Warcraft Conquest Guide happens to be of the most recent Warcraft Conquest Guides to hit the market. First thing this morning I got an email regarding a new guide Warcraft Conquest that is about about to hit the market. I often receive a number of emails like these weekly, and 95% of the time I simply delete them due to the fact that I’ve read it so many times before. I don’t know why but something kept my interest.

This guide discusses things beyond simply the basic tactics which naturally, most other guides represent themselves as “the most informed”, but this World of Warcraft Guide is really different. The majority of the time when someone says “new” related to WoW guides I am skeptical. But, a few pages into this guide I just knew it was going to be worth reading the whole thing. And I am really pleased I did. In my Warcraft Conquest review I learned this guide definitely has some innovative techniques and tactics that nearly every other guide on the market isn’t even aware of. I like to think of myself as being an expert (especially when it comes to collecting gold), but warcraft conquest had a few pretty new strategies.

So what does this all mean?

Instead of simply leveling to 85 like any other player that has free time can do, or earning gold the slow and painful way, a player will be able to conquer end game content that only a few the world’s greatest guilds could ever successfully complete before.

So what does this really mean?

Your character will dominate more in arena, battlegrounds, and PvP. You will have better gear, epics, weapons and HEAPS of gold. Have you heard enough? You can check it out here by going to (*link needed*Warcraft Conquest).

And that’s only the half of it! Max Lee, the legend behind Warcraft Conquest, has put together a complete step by step video guide series on LITERALLY EVERYTHING from how to defeat every boss in Vortex Pinnacle to how to play your class at the highest possible skill levels. Sometimes you may possibly find a couple of his tips discussed in some of the other guides that are available, but never before have they all been piled into one mega guide.

Is it possible that Warcraft Conquest will change World of Warcraft and possibly be the final WoW guide you ever purchase?

That will depend on you, how you play the game and where you are going in the game of WoW. Now that I have said that, from what I have reviewed you can believe this guide is one of the most complete guides available to date. It has a great social platform to communicate with other gamers, a ton of videos, hundreds of pages of text guides and everything else it has to offer you will realize there is a lot so even the most talented level 85 gamers will remain busy.
You should really check this guide out.Just click on the following link: Warcraft Conquest

Acquiring Riches From Using Low Level Crafting Materials

23 Dec

Jonas Collier
Nothing is harder than striving to make money during the lower levels. It could be extremely difficult to believe, but some people will inform you that it is possible to earn millions of gold at level 1. These World of Warcraft players aren’t untruthful, but the players are not conveying the full facts either. The facts are you may want some specialized knowledge to accomplish a conquest such as that. This write-up will assist the ordinary player to focus on their money issues while at the low levels.

Before getting too far you will need to bring about some sacrifices. Nothing I am going to ask you to do is permanent, please do not despair about any of that. We need to focus on ideas to benefit for a short duration that also will be of use to us during the long haul.

The initial chore you are going to achieve is to chose two out of the three gathering professions. Just to clarify, by referring to gathering profession I have in mind herbalism, skinning, and mining. Enchanting possibly could be regarded as a gathering profession too, but in the end it will cause you to spend your money or utilize your materials to level it up making it unsuitable for our needs. Which two you opt for is up to you, even though my personal preference would be to pick skinning as one of the preferences.

The predominant reason for this is low level crafting materials are more likely to sell well in the auction house for WoW players who do not want to farm materials so they can level a new profession. They are more than happy to spend a little extra of their gold to save the time. This supplies low level characters, just like yourself, an excellent market to play with.

Of late Blizzard added in a component that gives you XP for gathering the materials also. Skinning is one that does not simply because you typically get XP on the kill. Mining and Herbalism nodes will provide you a decent chunk of XP. It is entirely possible to level by doing nothing more than gathering herbs and ore.

A few WoW players may be turned off by not picking one of the crafting professions, but in the majority of cases a WoW player will be able to level at a pace which plainly outpaces your ability to keep your crafting skill up. In addition to that the majority of the quest rewards you will earn on your journey will help you so your performance will remain up to snuff.

The profits you produce by using low level crafting materials can unquestionably vary by which server you are using, but in the long run it definitely is quite a productive way to produce money. When you include the convenience of getting XP for gathering it becomes clear it is a really good idea.

How to PvP Better as a Druid

23 Dec

By:   Jonas Collier
In WoW a druid who is well played can be one of the more challenging classes to annihilate. The mix of abilities is potent enough to slaughter any character and will protect you from the characters you can’t fight off long enough for relief to show up. This is undoubtedly the intent of why you will notice a druid in nearly all triumphant arena teams.

The whole idea that druids are so good is due to them having the competency to shape shift. The druids have the skill to change in the middle of forms quickly which allows the druids to quickly manuevure their way out of situations such as snares and roots, and guards them from spells such as polymorph. The proper mastery of this one competency will repeatedly identify the difference between a poor and good druid.

A poor druid may allow his specification to control his capabilities.

As an example, an inferior feral spec druid shall limit the capabilities they use to the talents that are appropriate to that spec. So the bad feral spec druid may be performing what they can do in bear or cat form so they can avoid trouble and perform damage. Utilizing caster form at this time will give the druid the ability to instantaneously heal, cyclone, or even root a target to make things easier. By not limiting himself to the feral forms he has grown his arsenal by a huge amount. Although it is essential for a feral druid to remain in one of his forms when the time comes to complete the killing, the other two specs are not as concise.

The resto and balance druids are better off remaining in caster form in practically all cases. There is a benefit to the certain stats and abilities by being in the specialized form, but these forms also inhibit you from making split second shifts that may sustain your life.

Tree Form raises the power of your heals, but hinders you to restoration skills and lowers your movement. This may not seem like a giant issue, but mobility is crucial in PvP. Many classes do anything possible to keep you glued to a specific place or slowed. By being in tree form you are simply gift wrapping yourself to them. If you trust healing is clutch during an exclusive amount of time AND you know you do not need to move for a bit, then tree form would probably be the best option.

Boomkin have it a bit different as there is a positive advantage of being in moonkin form. The blending of a heightened crucial assurance and superior protection make it tempting enough without incurring the alleviated stun damage and mana regen on strategic assaults.

The the whole idea of caster form is purely to allow you a swifter capability to heal. Understandably because you are a spec, you have the ability to heal when it is necessary, so limiting yourself to one thing will put limitations on your capability. This is doubled when you ponder that your gear needs are comparable to that of a healer even when your spec isn’t.

There seems to be numerous other skills that make a good druid good, but clutch shape shifting is what allows them shine. If you can gain mastery of the ability to be in the correct form at the appropriate time, you definitely will promptly achieve your way into the status of the exclusive.

Producing Money using Mounts

19 Dec

By: Jonas Collier

Without a doubt, mounts are the greatest vanity feature in WoW. Because of this mounts are really the most sought out. Some of the mounts may be bought for gold to be resold. There are other ones that need to be created in order to make some gold. With a little inventiveness you will be able to build an online enterprise established purely on the game mounts.

There exists 2 professions that allow you to build mounts that anyone can use. Engineering provides you with the opportunity to develop a motorcycle while alchemy will let you make the Vial of the Sands that will change a character into a dragon mount. The motorcycle and the Vial of the Sands are definitely the ultimate amazing mounts in the game, and as such in huge demand. Unhappily the patterns to build the mounts can be hard to obtain, and ups the value further.

The value of these mounts used to be very much higher, but it is nonetheless thoroughly feasible to receive a couple of thousand in gold for each mount by making them so you can resell them.

You might even think over crafting certain mounts, like the flying carpets, for resale. Although these are just beneficial by those players with the profession at a certain level, a few players don’t want to be bothered with making these items by themselves and will be glad to pay you money to obtain them. The cost will be lesser than that of either the motorcycle or dragon, however, a market still exists.

You could also become a little clever and furnish mount runs. In the past Guilds used them to generate loads of money, especially on the Amani War Bear (a mount that is no longer available.) You have the power to alter this tactic and merchandise your services, or those of your group in the case of raids occurring, to help people get them. You simply price it out per run, cost of the run, and give master looter status to the player with you. Your function is solely to assist them in killing the boss that lets the mount drop.

Undoubtedly you cannot offer an obligation with certain kinds of service as there is no promise that these mounts will drop, but a market still exists for this particular service as there are players that can’t be troubled to attempt and perform it for themselves.

And last but not least, here is an idea for those World of Warcraft players who do not care moving around. Not long ago Blizzard added additional multi passenger flying mounts to World of Warcraft. Although they can be a little hard to come by, or expensive, they do present a simple way to make a little gold. You can just make available a service which sells transport from one place of residence or activity to another by way of your flying mount. You are able to present this service if you have a multi passenger ground mount too, though your results might not be as great.

Take several of these tips and put them to use. They are merely to justify that there are some honestly clever ways to realize some easy gold in World of Warcraft.

Mad WoW Skills Review

19 Dec

I never thought I needed a guide. I’ve played since the open beta, and I remember opening day. Annihilate something. Loot. End up getting stuck while in looting position. Watch your server crash. Log back on to your system. Wind up in queue. Find out you’re dead, and now your game has been rolled back by ten minutes.

I was never without gold, and I was continually assured a raiding spot. I’ve been with the same guild pretty much since the first month I played. We completed 40 man raids in Vanilla, and we endured all of those raid changes, and even in Cataclysm, we’re still going strong.

So why would I need a guide?

I don’t know everything, that’s why. It does not matter how much anyone knows, there are always more things to learn, and World of Warcraft is no exception. So after looking online, I chose Mad WoW Skills.

Mad WoW skills covered pretty much everything I need to know to be successful at WoW, and still enjoy the game. A gold guide is provided, but it isn’t just a mediocre gold guide. This gold guide provides information on farming, the auction house, along with the gathering professions, which is usually what every gold guide reviews. And now I get more than four times the amount of gold I was receiving prior to purchasing this guide.

Mad WoW Skills Guide is big on Player vs. Player also. I wasn’t much of a player vs. player, I always favored being a raider. But there are times where it would be great to creep up behind a player stun locking them right into submission. The trouble was, every time I’d get halfway through a stun lock, someone would gank me, and I would end up rezzing at the graveyard and at the same time screaming at my screen. Now, that’s not a problem, thanks to Mad WoW Skills.

I was always under the impression that having a profession was a waste of time, and were not worth the effort to level. Now I’ve maxed not only Inscription and Jewelcrafting on my main, but mining and herbalism on an alt, and I’m brining up an enchanter and alchemist too. Pretty soon, I’ll be totally set for flasks, enchants, gems, and glyphs. And, I make a killing on the Auction House.

Mad WoW Skills even has talent and class guides. I do not use them on my rogue that much because I have been playing for quite a long time, but I made the decision to bring up a death knight to use with tanking, a killer shaman, and a few alts. The class guides for each, along with the talents information, saved me time, and even saved me gold, because I’m not wasting it making bad talent and gear choices.

I can’t say enough good things about Mad WoW Skills. Even a seasoned player like me can benefit.

Mad WoW Skills Review brought to you by Warcraft-Shack. For other cool stuff check out Hayden Hawke Gold Guide Review.

WoW Crusher Review:

19 Dec

Warcraft-Shack decide d to check out some of the new WoW products that have just hit the market. One of the big ones out there at the moment is WoW Crusher. We decided to try it out and have one of our players comment on it to determine if it would be worth purchasing. Do you want to master every massive game play area of World of Warcraft? Then keep reading our WoW Crusher Review to find out what you have to do.

WoW Crusher Safeguarded My World of Warcraft Game

While I haven’t been playing WoW since vanilla, I still consider myself to be a good player. Right at the time Cataclysm was released, I was one of the first couple of players in my guild to reach 85, and even though my friends were still trying to hit 85, I was heroic ready. So I was really proud about getting a raid spot, and ending up with some good gear.

When I went raiding, it was a disaster. I am fully aware that I shouldn’t stand in the fire or green clouds, but I still was unable to adjust. And to top things off, I could not keep current with my enchants, repairs, and gemming. I was broke all of the time and twenty-five dailies were not enough.

I searched online for gold and raiding guides. I found it challenging to find up to date, relevant information. I necessarily do not need Mimiron strategies, and felcloth will not sell for 10 gold each. At this point, 10 gold is just enough to repair one  piece of my gear.

On one trying day I complained about my raiding skills, and my lack of gold, a guildie rescued me. He informed me to check out WoW Crusher. He said he used it to get gold, and helped him to be a better Player vs. Player, and it had a ton of information.

I was disbelieving. Pay for a guide? I researched everwhere and was still pretty much broke and always dead. Everything I found online was garbage. I didn’t expect this to be any different.

When I told him what I thought, my guildie told me if I couldn’t make 1000 gold in the first few days, or be alive at the end of Chimaeron’s encounter, he’d give me 5000 gold.

That gave me the incentive to try WoW Crusher. I wished I would have tried it sooner. Within one week I earned an extra 2000 gold and only one week after that I ended up with three times the amount I had in week one. I was gold capped within a couple of months. I could have done this sooner, but there were times I was too lazy and did not try to get more gold.

My raiding improved as well, I don’t get killed all the time, and with moving into Dragon Soul, I’m sure I’ll be one of the ones still alive at the end of our encounters. My guildies keep asking me how I do it, due to the fact that I started at nothing but became a star raider within a few weeks. I advise them they need to get WoW Crusher also.

I constantly recommend WoW Crusher all of the time. WoW Crusher rescued my game, making it more enjoyable to play, and letting me be a somebody and not a nobody on my server.

Warcraft-Shack brought this WoW Crusher Review to you. For other cool stuff check out Hayden Hawke Gold Guide Review