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How to Download Minecraft for Free

31 Dec

Many people would like to challenge themselves by playing this adventuresome game. Yet, not each and every person can access it as a result of the price of downloading it. This is why so many people were not able to download Minecraft for quite some time now. There will not be any more issues with this on account of today you now only need an internet connection. This is because I am going to show you how to download Minecraft for free. But this doesn’t mean you can download Minecraft for free forever, though it could be possibly done. Even though I will be telling you how you can do it, your best bet would be to download a trial version of the game prior to buying it.

In order to do this you have to bring up a Google search and enter the terms, download minecraft for free or free minecraft download. These two keywords will provide you with a bunch of links to websites where you will be able to download a trial version for the game of Minecraft. The trial version lasts for 30 days and then you will be required to buy the game to continue playing and if you fail to buy it, you won’t have the ability to play Minecraft any longer at the present internet protocol address (I.P.). You may be thinking that nothing is really free but hey, you did get to play Minecraft for thirty days so you know if you want to keep playing the game or not. This will assist you in deciding if you want to buy the game or not. On the other hand if it is possible for you to access a VPN connection, you may want to change the internet protocol address manually and install the game again.

You might feel you want to continue to play some more Minecraft for free, but in order to do so you will need other personal details along with another IP address. You could do this by obtaining another computer or maybe trading with a friend of yours and this may end up costing more than to simply buy the game. Nevertheless, it is important to also note that after downloading, the game for free, you will be required to install it. It is important that the latest java version is installed on the machine so you will be able to successfully run the game. Or else you will receive a number of error messages each time you try to install the game.

Finally you would probably be wondering exactly where the minecraft game can be downloaded for free. As I mentioned earlier, searching the relevant keywords in Google will give you a very long list of links to various sites. A number of the sites will only discuss how to download Minecraft, but, there are a couple of sites that give you the download links and mirrors for different versions. It is pretty obvious that people will want to download the most current version. A couples of these sites are; softonicdownload, cnet, freeminecraft.org among others.

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