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Different Ways to Handle a Death Knight

29 Oct

Undoubtedly, Death Knights are one of the most difficult classes to encounter in PvP. Depending on the spec, there are many ways to handle several threats and evidently have an answer to everything. Whilst they are positively strong when played correctly, they are far from conquerable. If you Having the knowledge of how to ditch certain pitfalls will have you on your way to handling Death Knights more often.

The first thing you it is necessary that you know that a Death Knight does not require you close to actually do damage to you. Depending on your class, they are just as comfortable kiting you as they are fighting you straight up. It shall be relatively clear to know what the Dark Knight wants to accomplish compared to what you expect to do to him.

As a caster or a healer, the DK will want you up close and personal. In the majority of cases these are the squishier classes, and as such he will want to keep you into melee range as much as possible. If you fall into one of these areas your best chance on survival is to keep your space.

He is going to do everything possible to stop you from running away. Your objective is going to be to increase your distance. blink, roots, fears are necessary at this time as they will help you escape. Your crowd control at this time will likely pressure him to utilize his trinket, which is perfect as it opens you up to manage the fight better. Regrettably it will lead to him to death grip you immediately back into melee range. At this point you will need to take flight again, and once you accomplish that you ought to have a slight leeway.

Melee classes must to be personal and close to handle a Death Knight, and as such the Death Knightwill more often than not opt to kite them. In these specific cases it is very to have any snares you have up. These include crippling poison, hamstring, frost shock, etc. These will allow you to keep him up close and personal. I will practically promise that he will be snaring you using his Chains of Ice making yours that much more important.

You need to attempt to target your attacks to the back of the Dark Knight to help you do more damage. Most mitigation can be countered in this way allowing you to do more damage.

It is worth noting that a Dark Knight is not against standing toe to toe with another melee class. They have on plate which provides them a solid base of damage mitigation, so they do not automatically have to kite you. But you need to be ready to counter the kite if you blow any offensive cooldowns to burst him down as that will more than likely be his prime defense.

Death Knights are not as challenging to fight as they once used to be. Just having an idea on what they intend to do to you will provide you an edge during the fight. There are many more things you will need to watch for, depending on your class, but this should provide you a solid baseline to work with.

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