Why You Should Level a Rogue

1 Jan

– By: Jonas Collier

Rogues can be a really entertaining class to level while playing WoW. Stems and poisons will assist you in killing with greater effectiveness and the capability to stealth expedites the quests that nearly all characters would need to slaughter their way through. Combining this with a strong leveling spec will cause you to be a killing machine that is capable of escaping all bad situations that you encounter.

You and Stealth

Stealth is the key ability of the rogue. It allows you to walk around practically invisible which allows you to practically pick and choose your battles. If you use this skill properly it will make leveling a lot easier.

While stealth does not make you truly invisible you will stay safe if there aren’t any mobs close to you with stealth detection or are at a higher level than you. You will not be able to walk in front of the mobs though because everything is skilled in detecting stealth that is right in front of them. If you can avoid these situations, then you can avoid any fights that are not necessary.

Importance of Poisons

One other feature which a rogue has that is unique is its capability to use poisons on weapons. A couple of different poisons are available to a rogue, though you will likely choose between two for leveling.

Instant poison will add a solid amount of damage with each strike. Every swing might not proc but it will kick in enough to cause damage that is increased significantly.

Instead of instant damage Deadly poison puts a DoT to the creature. For the majority of mobs you will level on deadly poison is a bad choice, however this poison definitely shines when battling elite mobs in a dungeon.

Regardless of what poison you use, it is important to keep Slice and Dice active at all times. This speeds up your attacks but costs combo points which lets poisons hit more frequently. Contingent on your talent spec you may have the capabilities to refresh SnD with Eviscerate letting you cause more damage too.

Unlike most other classes, the talent tree you choose is more related to the weaponry you wish to equip. You will use daggers with the assassination tree where your enemies will be assassinated by using skills such as Mutilate, where as swords along with one handed weapons lend themselves well to the combat tree. The subtlety tree is appropriate for use with extended stealth and works quite well with groups in Player vs. Player.

Once you hit level 40 you will be able to purchase the dual spec ability which allows you to switch between talent specs with ease. This will allow you to swap how you play depending on your needs. This is important as you may simply end up with some great axes or swords that would be silly pass up. This increases how much flexibility you have and will more than likely create a leveling process that is much more enjoyable.

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