Tips To Help You Manage Your Mage in PvP

23 Dec

By: Jonas Collier

The mage is one of the most excellent Player versus Player classes in the game of WoW for different reasons. There are players that will inform you it is due to the capability to lay down some nasty AoE when it is necessary. Other WoW players will carry on about the massive amounts of control they have. There is one thing for certain, a skilled mage is represents a constant threat.

The very first task you need to learn as a Player versus Player mage is your skill to rule combat. It is a good idea to figure out what you want to accomplish prior to stepping into battle. One on one you can hold your own against nearly any class, but it only takes one error for the majority of your enemies to conquer you.

The area where mages mainly have control include their many skills to widen the distance. A number of the classes use snares or roots to keep their enemies stuck in place or slowed down. Mages have the power to blink their way out of such situations letting them end up where they prefer, at range. Because of this Blink will be one of the skills you use the most, allowing you to save your trinket for when it is really needed, thus letting you save your trinket for a time when you really need it.

There may be other tools available to aid you in escaping. Using spells like Dragon’s Breath, Frost Nova, and Cone of Cold will let you stun or root challenger. Blink should be saved any time its possible after a foe applies a moderate or major cooldown in order to narrow the gap. You want to make sure that you don’t end right back in trouble after escaping.

The primary PvP spec for a mage is Frost simply due to the added control. Using frost decreases your Frost Nova cooldown, get a sheild that can freeze those close at hand, gives you a pet with another freeze, and will let you reset the frost spell cooldowns. The combination of abilities make this both a highly survivable spec as well as being able to dish out the damage when needed.

The capability to damage occurs mainly by using Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze surrounds a frozen target within an ice block for less than one minute. This lets spells create more damage while increasing the critical chance. If you combine this with Fingers of Frost you will be able to a lot of damage in no time at all.

A mage becomes a dangerous target if a mage has both control and the possibility of high spike damage. Having the skills to utilize spells such as polymorph to reset the battle, or utilizing Evocate to heal provides us with an additional edge. A player becomes an evil threat once they master all of the tools a mage can offer.

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